3 Tips to Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Not going to lie, the biggest challenge of wedding planning has been choosing the photographer, by far. There were no fights, arguments or disagreements. It was just the most important aspect of my wedding – to me. To other brides, they could care less. I would say you are crazy! Then again, they would surely say the same if they found out I signed a DJ within 5 minutes of a conversation. To each, their own.

I remember back when I first started planning and researching the big guns.. churches, halls, DJs and yes, photographers. Not going to lie, I kind of laugh at the ball of nerves I was way back when. Seriously? How did the photographers not run far, far away from me? I was a mess!!

Well, we found one. It was not the easiest decision and we even met twice with our newest friend. However, I couldn’t be happier with our choice. Never did I imagine such a casual, easy-going, gigglified relationship with someone I’ve just met. Our decision was mutual: Eileen K Photography was the one for us.

Her explosive laughter + relaxed persona
. What Z and I do best is laugh. Our ability to make each other laugh never ceases and to find a photographer that could not only capture that, but assist in the fun, was a key element to us saying yes!  A gigglefested, care-free photographer is exactly what you need. You hardly know she’s there – other than her infectious laughter – and yet, given the time, she steps up and leads with conviction.

Sights on dollar signs. I’m not afraid to admit it, we looked at price as a major contributor in the decision. Sure, we weren’t going to sacrifice our happiness and comfort for a dollar sign. However, we did take into consideration the price of our investment and what other areas we would be willing to give on to get such a gem. While she isn’t cheap, her product, experience and relationship sure are worth the pretty pennies in our piggy bank. So yes, Eileen, we are paying you to be our friend. And the best part? She’s a shoe-in on the guest list!

love + laughter

Connection + comfort. What it really comes down to is the connection made (or not made) with a photographer. You will be spending the majority of your day with your husband, your bridal party and your photog. I’d think you’d like to like them, right? Our connection was instantaneous and right along with that came the ease and comfort. It’s as if we’ve known her forever and yet we’ve only met face-to-face twice now. To have a unique connection and comfort level with our photog is what will bring ease and comfort to our wedding day. Not to mention, she’s pretty bad ass so if she needs to, she’ll put you in your place. Watch out; better yet, behave yourself.

I’d rather not look back at my decision making process. It was gruesome, stressful and nerve racking. And, not to mention, I don’t know why I ever doubted my gut. Eileen is right for us. We are blessed to have such a happy, skilled and open photographer be a part of our day and capture the moments for years to come. Now, if only the rest of my decisions could be as unique, comforting and fun…

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