Three Reminders to be a Stress Free Bride-to-Be

I never considered myself to be a stressful person. Maybe once in my life I had classified myself as legitimately stressed. Once, out of this gal’s life is pretty darn good. Well, now I guess I can chalk it up to two times in my life span. I may not stress out much, but boy do I do it up big when I do.

Who’da thunk wedding planning was stressful? Not me. Sure, I can see how often times it could be. But, when you stay true to yourself and manage your time, money and family right there is considerate means to staying stress-free.

Now, add in a family member’s health issues, times it by two, and throw in some minor aches and pains outside of that, and yes. There you have it. Stress. I may not have noticed it right away. I’ve been told there are warning signs of stress – loss of hair, irritable mood, weight loss and such. However, I failed to see any of these. But boy did I feel the pressure in my ear! Yes, week-long pressure in your ear can mean a few different things – including stressed to the max.

After going in for an ear infection, Googling possible answers, and relentlessly trying to pop my ear on my own account, I sucked up my fear of chiropractors and made an appointment. Little did I know what I was missing out on! Or – how messed up my body was! Though, it’s no surprise really. My body out of whack? Nah, why would you say that?

Long story short, my chin was an inch too far forward, my pelvis out of line and my neck in shambles. Yes, I was a treat for the doc! Stress induced discomfort is nothing I recommend. The time, the discomfort and the patience to get back to “normal” are all challenges I faced along with wedding plans, family concerns and life in general.

Well, 12 adjustments + two months later, I’m stress free – or carrying my stress in a different way. The road has not been easy, but I’ve definitely learned a few things along the way. How to be a stress free bride-to-be!

Take time for yourself. As much as you think you don’t have time for you, you do. Force it. It doesn’t have to be an entire day. Let it be fifteen minute before you go to bed. Open a book, light a candle, sip a cup of coffee on the deck. You are important and you need – you must – take care of yourself.

Learn to say no and be patient. I’ve had a hard time saying no my entire life. It’s always been do, do, do. Along with why wait, just get it done or do it faster. Saying no does not mean you are an awful person. Find the two letter word, welcome it to your vocabulary and practice it as you attempt to have peace and patience.

Be aware. Listen to your body and know your limits. Being aware of your body, your mind and your spirit is the best way for you to have a reason to say no and take time for yourself. Be aware of how you are sitting or standing. Sit straighter, walk longer and feel better.

Being a stress free bride-to-be is not an easy task. While it may be one more thing, or at time a few more things, to add to your to-do list, it’s worth it. After all, you are the most important person in this whole ordeal. Do what you need to do, for you.

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