Kohls: Steal of a Deal + Reception Shoes to Top it off

With three Kohls cardholders in the household, the odds are in our favor for receiving the ultimate jubilant ticket: 30% off coupons. Back in the day, they were fare and few – the golden ticket that is, 30% off coupons. Now days, its either the fact that we get three coupons at a time or that we use the coupons more often, which ever it is, we are receiving more golden tickets. This time, we had two!

Give and you shall receive. Well, I give my share of $$ to Kohls, and in turn, not only do I get a steal of a deal, but 30% off coupons multiple times a year. Danger, danger! With the golden ticket, its not a matter of what I may need, rather what I can get for a super good deal; practically stealing without not paying for it. And, I always get the credit card bill in the mail… just long enough where I’ve worn the clothes and shoes and cannot return them. Dang, they are good.

Thanks to mom, I ventured into Kohls with the golden ticket and the idea of getting new work shoes – one brown, one black. Welp, Kohls, you done it again. I left feeling like Santa Clause shopping for spring. It all fit in one bag, you know. Makes you feel that much better for shopping all you did. Bright side – it’s easier to hide.

Sure, I did get my work shoes – one brown, one black. And I also got a pair of adorable mustard yellow flats. Irresistibly cute, comfortable and colorful – these have reception written all  over them. Yes. However, I think it’s only safe to test them out… break them in, get my feet used to them, you know.

Thank you Kohls for a steal of a deal and adding to my wedding budgeting skills. I mean, its really hard to say no when they are on sale and 30% off! It was fate, right?  Well, all I know is that it’s a done deal. Cinderella has found her wedding shoes, times two.

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