How to be a Registry Aficionado

The best advice for registering: don’t start. It. Will. Not. End.

Okay, honestly, that is not great advice; however, the truth doesn’t promise to be nice now does it? Nope. In all seriousness, we registered ten days ago and yes, I am still at it! Why? Because I’m a never ending project who thinks it can not hurt to have too many items. Heck, with a guest list pushing 300, we should be registering for 30 days! Right?

Point in case, this is why Ashley is not a certified registry professional. Rather a registry aficionado.

Registering is in itself, a job. As is every other task in wedding planning. Really, I’m not getting anywhere real fast, now am I? Well, we should all have fun doing our job, right? Well, after a 2 1/2 hour excursion throughout Le Targe’ Boutique [Target] I would recommend these five tips to ensure a successful, and fun, registry date:

Be spontaneous! We were out for a dinner date when it dawned on me, with no plans for the rest of the night and an inkling to do wedding stuff, why not finally register?! The thrill of spontaneity, picking out endless array of items we would love to have in our future home + doing this with my best friend made the 2+ hours fly by!

Have fun! After creating a registry, receiving instructions and heading over to aisle one, Z pulled me close, took my head between his hands and looked me in straight in the eye. “Let’s have fun with this, OK?” smooches + heart flutters, let the games begin!

Let him decide. Yes, I just said that. There are many decisions to make when registering, a plethora of options to choose from and two opinions to consider. What’s even harder is not knowing where you’re home-to-be is or what it looks like. Ha! Well, when it comes down to it, it’s OK to let him choose. Besides, you can always go online and delete the items you want to, after the fact.

Have structure + take breaks. Having a game plan of where to start, how to go about doing it and a handy-dandy checklist (compliments of Le Targe Boutique) makes for a smooth ride. Remember, it’s not a race and it most definitely does not all  have to be done in one sitting.

More is better. From my experience, there’s been numerous times I’ve wished the lovely couple to-be would have registered for more, to have more to choose from. Well, we did it folks. Registered for more than we probably needed. However, you have to throw in a little fun, items you don’t necessarily need but would love to have. Why not?

Don’t have it? Make it. Sure, I’m a self-professed DIYer so why not expand my DIYing skills and creating my own registry. Okay, I had a little help from, but nonetheless, I’ve got my Pier 1 Imports registry set and ready. Just because a store may not have a registry system does not mean you can’t register for those lovely wishful items! Be creative, start a registry of your own, and own it. Done.

There you be. Registry Aficionado – that’s me! No matter what, have fun. Don’t draw it out, don’t make it harder than it needs to be. This is probably one of the most care-free tasks you will do in your wedding planning journey. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m back to perusing items to add to my registry. Because I’m serious when I said don’t start… because you will not stop.

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