Creating new habits

I knew HBO’s newest documentary series, Weight of the Nation, would be a winner for me. I had even scheduled to record it on DVR – yes, a little perk my brother insisted my parent’s get. Therefore, a perk of still living at home during this transition period.  What I didn’t realize, was that Z would be a fan as well.

We share an off-beat liking of documentaries. I’m not sure what it is about them – their hidden truths exposed, the humor behind them or the sheer learning aspect. We go through spurts of documentary runs and then we’ll go a good time without one. It’s a great time we have together. No matter what we may or may be doing while watching it, it never falls; within fifteen minutes, we’re totally engulfed.

When a commercial appeared announcing the next program, Z’s interest perked up and called for my attention. Aha! There it was! The second of a two-part series; however, still good. There was no convincing needed – our next hour was snatched up.

While the Weight of the Nation captured our attention, I found it almost amusing to watch Z’s reaction to the facts revealed. One of the leading causes to daily over-consumption of caloric intake, being soda. And juice being the same if not worse at times. That was the go-getter! Yes, hunny, all those drinks you toss back, other than water, yes, they are bad for you!,

You can say it ten times and have no effect. Probably cause a bit of annoyance. But let the TV, a documentary, tell you and suddenly, it’s a wow factor. Typical. But I can’t complain. If it takes a documentary to get it through to him, I’ll take it!

The best part? Within fifteen minutes, he turned to me and asked: “Can we make new habits?”

Well, what type of habits?

Good habits. Not instantly, but when we start cooking.

I was fishing. I was wishing I had a recorder to record this, but hearing it once is golden in itself.

Like, farmer’s market cooking.  

Ah ha! Love it! Yes, yes dear. I do that now. But if it makes you happy, I will gladly include you in my efforts and bring you on board.

Sometimes it’s a challenge to find activities, hobbies or  habits that we can both enjoy. Heck, sometimes I worry about it. We are different in our lifestyles – enough so that sometimes I wonder just what we can do together. Slowly, but surely, we will find one, two or a few shared habits and hobbies. Just enough to spend enough time to still like each other and respect our time apart, because once this shared hobbie called wedding planning is over, life is a long journey ahead.

I love you so, my loser.

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