Cuff Links: Mayhem

Wow, where did May go? Seriously, can you come back? I’m not quite sure I took the time to smell the May flowers outside of my work schedule and recovering Momma S. Nonetheless, here we are. The end of May, another month passing and a mere 5 months to go. *gulp*

Amongst work, and yes I bring that up again, because it was indeed that busy.. between the three different jobs. Yep, three.  Count them: full-time job, the one and only Pier 1 and a fabulous mini-job as social media director at SheTaxi. Call me crazy. But, why not work hard now and play hard-er later?

So, just what did get done this month? Let me rewind a minute and see.

Bone Appetit! After sippin’ and dippin’ our forks in delicioso bites, we have decided on a menu for our party.  Done and done. Now, all that’s left is to decide one or two kegs on the house. Oh, decisions, decisions…

A couple fabulous vino dates with my loves. Yes. You heard me right… datessss and loves. More than one.  Thank you lovies for surpassing my expectations and shocking me with your willingness to help, your vino cleaning skills and most importantly your company. It almost makes me think I am cool. Almost.

Did you say honeymoon suite? Why, yes, yes I did. Hotel room booked and block of rooms set aside. All you partiers, get your rooms ready! This will be a night you will be OK with not remembering – the very end of. 😉

Z’s almost a world traveler. Almost… As I type, he’s got his papers filled out and plans to go to the post office tomorrow to get his picture and send in his information for his passport. Just. About. There. I’ll take it. Right along with that call that he is going to make for the tux appointments.. tomorrow, right?

And, let’s end on a positive and fun note. Any party needs a fabulous fresh ride. Yes, our party will not only be stylin’ but riding in just as much style. Let the party begin in the comfort of a magnificent party ride. Eh, now… pop the bubbly and tip it back.

This month, we did not have our cake and eat it too. Perhaps, next month. May, you’ve got me on my toes and my nerves a boiling. I’m starting to get that feeling… that feeling that this is for real. Crazy! Five months gives me a speedier heart rate, a bit of sweats and that short breath of a minor panic stirring. June, please be nice.

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One Response to Cuff Links: Mayhem

  1. Vinny Grette says:

    Love the pretty flowers! Wish you made the picture bigger 🙂

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