Guest list overhaul part 2: “Plus one”

To have or not to have?

That, is the hot topic of late. If you know Z and I, you know that we are far from traditional. Nor do we believe in honoring the traditional aspects of wedding planning. White dress, no seeing each other before hand, grooms dinner + tissue in the invites… not in our rules.

Another tradition we are squandering the … “and guest”. Our numbers are crazy as it is. We’ve done round 1 of Guest List Overhaul. Now, here’s a second: +1s.

Our list? Yes it’s pushing 300.We have to cap it somewhere! And so be it. We’ve created or guest list with great TLC and are inviting those closest to us in all aspects – family, friends and our relationship. If I don’t know you, then I’m sorry, but I don’t think you’ll be at my wedding.

Sure, maybe you think I’m pulling out the Bridezilla card here. In turn, I will say you’re using your ignorant card. You don’t know the cost of my wedding; you don’t know the lengths we’ve gone to save and pay for this wedding. It’s not like you won’t know anyone at the wedding or have a bad time.

What it comes down to is it’s our choice. We did not throw an axe out nor do we mean to intentionally hurt you. We do understand that yes, you may have a different opinion, your feelings may be hurt and you may even be mad. Please remember you are not the only one who did not get a guest to bring with.

When it’s your wedding, you can do what you want. I may not understand your choices, but I will consider them and respect them because once you go through planning a wedding, you have a new outlook and understanding. Respect.

So yes, we are throwing the +1 out the window. Does it really surprise you? It’s me. I’ve got Petra Peacock in attendance.

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