Type-O bride

I’m your typical Type O gal. Organized – head to toe, left to right, month in, month out. Whether it be my day at work, a vacation or simply a free day of anything and everything I want – I’m organizing. My thoughts, tasks, responsibilities.. I think you get the point. Everything.

Well, then what’s wrong with me lately? Wedding tasks for the last month have been mediocre at best. The drive isn’t there. The time isn’t captured. Things get done, but more at a spur-of-the-moment let’s fly by the seat of our pants routine.

Sure, it hjas worked. I can’t complain. Then again, if you had my brain in your head, you’d understand the foggy, frustration + confusion mingling together. They’ve come for a party and don’t seem to be minding their extended stay. Well, pardon me Mr. + Mrs. F and Mr. C. You are are not welcome here. Gather your belongings and kindly move on.

There is no pressure.
I’ve slowly learned that there is no pressure. My planning expertise and type-O personality has actually worked wonders long time ago. I’ve got time on my hands (for now) and nothing has to be done to satisfy anyone other than myself. Therefore, being my own worse critic, I must remind myself that there is no pressure.

Get it on paper.
Let’s face it, I do not have Go-go Gadget brain with a built in filing cabinet. All of my thoughts are not auto-saved nor should I attempt to be either – Go-go Gadget or auto-save  pro. I simply walk around with a pad of paper, notebook, anything to write my thoughts, ideas and to-dos down. Okay, so ideally it would be a notebook, but lately it’s been random pieces of paper of which I’ve stocked up, stapled together and continue to create quite the paper stack. A fan would be jealous of the mess it could possibly make.

Do but do not all.
Everything takes time and I must remember I can do anything, just not everything.

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