Bribery: Not just for kids!

Third time’s the charm, right? While Z’s been a pretty decent groom-to-be in the planning stages, it comes with its ups and downs. Sometimes, it really just isn’t that big of a deal if the task at hand didn’t get done. For instance, cake appointments? Meh, it can wait another month. After all, it is why I gave it to him a month prior to wanting it done. However, passports are an entirely different topic.

I still gave him a month of leeway for this task. Seeing, he likes to work at his typical pace – as convenience fits – it may take a bit longer than planned. Three attempts though? Now that, I wasn’t expecting as much.

Attempt 1: Z’s effort got him to the post office and back to my house for an evening of writing in the required information.

Attempt 2: Required both Z + I make a trip to the post office in which he conveniently left his completed application at home. After waiting in line, per usual at the post office of course, we received a second form and a list of requirements.. do you have your birth certificate, hun? Yes, you need your birth certificate. Close, but no cigar. Off we went.

handsome mugshot, indeed.

Third time is the charm. With a little bribery on Monday, the passport was done by Thursday! Not even Friday, as given, but a whole day early! Yes, my jaw may have dropped as the text came through.

Was it really the charm or the fact that I threw in a little bribery? Well, throw in a little bribery and things get done. Best of all, it looks like I won’t be traveling to our honeymoon alone after all! *knock on wood* It still takes 3 months to arrive…

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