Proud to be under average: The national average wedding costs 27K

While getting ready, often times I overhear stories from my roommate’s TV down the hall from my bathroom. Today, my ears perked up at the sound of wedding – naturally. The segment featured wedding planning and tips to shave a few Washington’s off your expenses.

Well, hello! Let me hear it all!

Kare11 reported that the average cost of today’s wedding is at $27k – nationally (per The most expensive site for a wedding? You guessed it, NYC. Are you ready for this? The average cost of an NYC-esque wedding is currently sitting pretty at $66k. Yep. That’s 66 with three zeros after it. Let me spell it out for you: sixty-six thousand… $66,000.

Okay, pick your jaw up from the ground.

I couldn’t be any prouder to announce that I am not one of the average folk. No. Nope. Nadda. I couldn’t even imagine spending 27k for a single day. <— thank you Liz for engraving this saying into my head. Do you know what I could do with 27k? Pay-off student loans, buy a car, put a nice down payment on a house, travel… I could go on and on.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not jeopardizing my wedding for the sake of money. I understand that my wedding is a once-in-a-life-time event; the first Cassidy grandchild wedding; and, of course, the party of the year. But, that’s where I’ve got my smarts in front of me, my creativity to my advantage + budgeting bride-to-be skills in full action. I can, and will, have the wedding of a lifetime. But, without the debt.

Sure, Kare11 and Latelier Couture Bridal shared some fabulous tips on how to avoid breaking the bank while not skimp on décor + fashion.

  1. With September being the most popular month of 2012 to get married, consider dates outside of the typical wedding season. November – April.
  2. Avoid the cocktail hour. Try coordinating your wedding time to have a brunch or have your ceremony at 5 or 6.
  3. Cut your attendees.

What I’d like to say is: when it comes down to budgeting your wedding, don’t think cheap. Think affordable and let your creativity take the stage. Because, with date and location of my wedding already considered, cutting my attendees is not necessarily an option. I guess the quoted average $175 per person is a price tag I will have to swallow and attempt to come in under the average cost – per usual.

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