Tick tock: June’s timeclock

The fact that time flies by is nothing new. Yet, it still shocks me when I stop and realize that yes, the month is half over. Okay, now gone. As much as I may say it, I will not get used to the fast-paced world surrounding us.

Back in our early days of engagement, I had crazy thoughts that a 14 month engagement was maybe pushing it… in the sense that it was almost too long. Ha! Now, I am almost wishing it was longer; that I had more time. As the big items fall into place and the small detailed projects just begin, time is of the essence. If I could have one thing, as I’m sure many fellow bride-to-bes would agree is time.

One o’clock: florals. Two meetings; one over budget and one under. The obvious screams in this situation. Power to the flowers.

Two o’clock: updo me, do. Salon appointments made, in a scattering cluster of ten appointments within 3 hours. Mayhem? Possibly. They may not know what is in store for them. However, I have no doubt, these ladies will produce!

Three o’clock: passport. Third time’s the charm. Done and waiting for the golden ticket to arrive.

Four o’clock: master creative. The invites are started! Drafts are brewing, round two was started and a meeting with my invitation consultant is on the calendar. I will call it a victory! Time to knock ’em and sock ’em into finalized pieces.

Five o’clock: stops. Z’s yet to do a few things, and well… they are in the process. Not fully time-sensitive. Only sensitive in my eyes. Bowties + cuff links and cake bites can wait a few more days.

Re-organization, re-quoting and re-confirming of why we are getting married makes up for all the things that were on the brain but just didn’t quite make it to the ‘done’ list. And, that’s ok. Time, is time. The moments I stop and think about time passing me by, I make sure to stop and remind myself to enjoy this time, now.

With invites going out, showers on the horizon and summer in full swing – I’m embracing the 4. I’m throwing on the sunglasses, squeeze an extra lemon in my lemon spritzer + soak in the rays. I’ve embraced the speeding time and will adapt to it while still enjoying every. last. second.

Hello, July. It’s nice to have you back.

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