Project vino: Complete-O

It’s almost hard to believe, but I’m checking off my first major DIY project. Starting way back in December, the Vineyard Wonderland was created in our garage. However, today. July 7, 2012 – 118 days to go. The wine bottle cleaning project is done! No more saving bottles, collecting bottles, going on bottle runs; soaking, scraping, cleaning, cutting and drying storing and counting.

Thank you Charles Shaw for being so easy to clean. You, by far, have been my bestest friend. And, thank you to my dearest helpers along the way: mom, for being up to here with wine bottles for the last 7 months and always being my right-hand helper. Z, thank you for bringing brains to the system; if we wouldn’t have been using the tub for a wine bottle bath party, we’d still be working on cleaning all the bottles! My lovies, thank you for pulling on the dish gloves and slaving over the tub with me. And, last but not least, my Speedy Gonzales – perhaps I should have started with you back in December – we’da been done well before now.

Our center pieces are one step closer to being done! Chargers bought; check. Diamond gems bought; check. Candles; check. wine bottles clean; check. Now, all that’s left to do is find candle holders, create display directions and dust off all 100+ bottles the week before.

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