Your rush hour commute game changer

I had a lightblub moment today as I was driving home – in rush hour. If you know me well, you know that my patience was not a virtue I was blessed with. It’s one I am learning to adapt to and often times, without. Add in traffic, and you really have a mess of a time. Sprinkle on a little heat, stupid drivers and me in the driver’s seat and, well.. you’ve got it. A hot mess – today, literally.

My ah-ha moment? Yes, let’s get back to that because I was quite proud of myself.

As I merged into the center lane of the 3-lane jammed traffic way, I pulled out my phone make a call. Very carefully, mind you. I do not live in California where it’s illegal to drive and talk on a handheld phone. That would be my brother, thank you very much. I made my first call, no answer. Meh. Now what? Traffic up to my eyeballs!

I made a second call, not needed, but just because I thought of you type of call. No answer. So now what? Well, I suppose I do have a few phone calls I had wanted to make last week –   the pastor, make-up artists, all that jazz. Well, traffic and frustration? Or traffic and phone calls?

Three calls later, I was on a roll! 5 phone calls in a matter of however many miles, I’d really rather not know the truth to the latter part. Rather than sitting frustrated and contemplating when I can merge over, if it was the best move and why are people driving so idoitically, I sat accomplished.

New wedding tip to share: utilize your time wisely. Make phone calls while sitting in the car during your rush hour commute home! It’s not ideal for situations where note-taking is required. Which, many of my cases consist of. But – if you know your schedule for the week or you know how many faces are wanting a bit of beautification – not a problem.

Problem solved. And, I made it home in one piece, no accidents and only a handful of cuss words at the idiotic drivers on the road or construction slowing us down.

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