Reason 113: Finely chopped mushrooms

When I opened up my text conversation, I laughed. To be honest, I knew the answer before I typed it. But I was tired. Irritable. Cranky. Yet, trying to convince myself that work was going to somehow be alright – may even fly by if I’m lucky.

So, as I walked into my 4 hour shift, I carefully walked, texted and dodged cars in the parking lot. Very skilled, I am. And again, as I hit send, I smirked.

Will you make me a salad for lunch? 🙂

Eight words. And, a smiley face. I think the smiley face was the win-all. Because as I ended my shift and again displayed my skillful walking style, it was to my surprise, I opened a text, double text mind you, asking “What do you want in your salad?” Fo reals, ya’ll.

With another devilish upturn of the lips, I replied with my list of ingredients. There was no way this was happening. I’d get home and the items would be, at most, laid out on the counter; the cats going to town. Colby a mouthful of lettuce, Nahla carefully sniffing the mushrooms.

Alas, I arrived home to a perfectly clean kitchen. And, a salad waiting for me in the fridge! For real? For damn real. A smiling beau on the chair simply happy to have a human in the house with him as the kitts were involved in their crazy-running rampant for the last while.

Last night, little did I know how truly special this salad was. Then again, I was exhausted and dumbfounded that Z did what I asked of him, and more! A clean sink? Are you kidding me? That’s enough to shock a gal. I’ll admit, as I pulled the salad container out and added it to my lunch bag of yogurt, cheese string and day-old grapes, I frowned at the itty bitty turkey hidden throughout my salad.  Stop, Ashley. It’s made and it’s perfect. 

As I sit in front my salad, I stop and admire my food in front of me. And there they are. Not only did he include his much despised mushrooms, he included finely chopped mushrooms – perfect. Do you see these mushrooms? Could they get any smaller?

Over finely chopped mushrooms in my bed of salad, I realized how incredibly lucky I am to have found such a guy. I am loved.

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