Wedding nightmare #2: Hairspray + false lashes

My calm stature and poise over wedding planning seems to have tricked even myself into believing that I have everything under control – no worries in mind. Obviously, why? Because, dreams are the truth teller – right? I sure hope not.  If so, I would have a lot to worry about.

For the most part, my dreams have subsided in the wedding topic category. Sure, my dress nightmare was in fact my first wedding nightmare. But since then? I’ve had none that stick out. My mom’s mentioned she had her first nightmare the other week. It had to do with aisles + a feud with my father. As for aisles, there were lots of them. Considering our church has more than one aisle, I tried not to pay attention to her details. And as for my father – it rang a little too close to reality. Nonetheless, I’ve pushed it out of my mind. That’s her dream, not mine.

I on the other hand, must not have been in the mood for lollipops + gumdrops dancing in my head. No, I must have thoughts of pampering + details. Why, yes. That would make sense as I am currently looking to secure a make-up artist for the day of and my hair salon was more out of practicality than choice. So be it.

My dreams would beg to differ. They would rather make up stories including a not-so-good make-up artist. And a hair style that had so much hair spray in it, it looked fake. Yes. My hair was a plastered mess and I couldn’t do anything about it because it had so much freakinghairspray it was stuck!

Now, a little tid-bit about Ashley: I’m not a fan of hairspray. Never have been. Never will be. And after this dream – not a chance in hell does hairspray earn any brownie points. Yes, I do realize, inevitably, there will be hairspray involved in my wedding day. For my hair to withstand a 16 hour period – there is no choice. I will hold my breath and pray that when I open my eyes, my hair still appears to be au naturel.

And for my beauty? I’m at a loss of words. I’ve made some calls, followed-up on recommendations and have really come up empty handed. Which is probably why my face was so vague and the artist incognito in my dream. The one detail I awoke to? False lashes. The artists did not have any; being my number one request, you can imagine I was not happy.

If I were to take this dream to heart, I would be in a bit of a pickle. My dreams of cornucopias, leaf embellishments and pilgrims was so far-fetched that I literally laughed as my eyes opened. This pampering dream hits close to home. No, I do not have a brown paper bag in my hands, just yet. I have my hair appointment secured. Perhaps I will go in for a trial run, after all… 

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