Three tricks to surviving the last 100 days

100 days to go.

Holy crap. Can I pause time? Because my initial thought takes my breathe away. Secondly, all I can think about is where the heck has time gone? What have I done? What have I enjoyed? There have been a handful of moments along the way where I have stopped to pause and take it all in. Truly enjoy my time and what I am doing.

I think part of the benefits in being ahead of the game and on my own timeframe, is that I am able to take my time, stop and enjoy the projects I am doing. Stop and reflect on what has been done and where I am at. If I don’t feel like doing something, then I don’t have to do it. The true beauty of being ahead of the game is having the time to enjoy the process.

It takes a good swift kick of reality to remind me that I am so much further than other brides. Whether I can help it or not – most times not – things are and will continue to get done before ‘typically recommended’ time.

So now, in the 100 days ahead. Yes, there is a lot to do. But, it’s manageable. How so? Here are my three tricks to surviving the 100 day mark:

Plan ahead. Do you want to see my binder? Yes, my planner, which first was a Google calendar on my phone. Then, a 5×7 purse planner. Now? A 1” binder dedicated to wedding scheduling and project planning. While I’ve got a list of things to-do for the month, I can also assign things to a week or a day even.

Every little bit counts. You don’t have to accomplish the entire project at one time. Rather, take it piece by piece. Do a little at a time. One thing a day.

Accept help + delegate. Yes, you want everything perfect. Well, every last detail does not need your hands on it. Trust that others can tie a bow, set up a grouping of bottles or hang a backdrop. Honestly, you probably won’t even recognize if it’s done sub-par come the big day!

Wow, one hundred days. And to think I was once over 365 days. It still is a bit of a shocker, a little overwhelming but more nostalgic than anything. This is actually happening! Cheers to the rest of my projects and delegating when appropriate.

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