Yep, we’re getting married

I don’t know what it is about this photo, but I absolutely 100% love it. Why? We’re not looking at the camera. We or obviously, as seen above Z – is not ready for a photo. There’s business going on behind us. And – to top it off, you can’t see it in the photo, but it was tremendously hot in the kitchen at this point in time. Heat = crabby Ash. Alas, we have this photo.

A 100% true Kodak moment capturing us in every essence of ourselves. 

Maybe it’s because I’m laughing at Z’s attempt to postpone the photo. He has a way of making it seem as though snagging him for a photo is a real chore. Right. Because smiling for a second – or three – is that time consuming.

Or maybe it’s the fact that looking at this photo makes me smile – exactly how I am looking at Z. We are crazy. We are unique. We are us.

And it just might be the fact that the photographer behind the lens learned from the best – me. I absolutely adore candid shots. She captured greatness.

No matter what the reason for my adoring this photo is, I know that without a doubt in my mind, I am marrying this clown. And, many more photos are to come.


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