Merci. Gracias. Thank you.

imageWhile I’ve got a start on my thank yous, 17 thank yous won’t get me very far. I’ve taken a quick estimate and I’ve got about 3/5 left to finish. Yep, a whopping 150 thank you notes is what I estimate needing – for showers alone. Yes, you saw that correctly. One. Five. Zero.  17 thank you notes later, and I’ve contemplated my thoughts on DIY’n the thank yous.

Cards don’t cost that much. And, if you’re buying in bulk, it can’t be too bad. But then again, that’s the easy way out. Seriously. If my friends and family are taking the time to come to my shower and buy me a gift, the least I can do is take the time to make a thank you card for them. Will they care? I’m not sure. Will I care? Yes.

So, decision made. 17 thank yous done. 20 more added to it! This round is a bit different than the first. Went with a typical style + size. A bit more traditional for my style. Nonetheless, made with love.

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