Bride on the Run: Twin Cities 10 Mile

Remember when once upon a time I talked a wee bit about running? No? That’s OK. It’s been that long. And, I have since then taken down my running stuff. Why? Oh, because once upon a time I visited the chiropractor after a week of constant pressure in my head making me feel as though I were submerged under water. Yep. Bad. Very bad experience. Not the chiropractor; gosh, I live for my adjustments now.

Anyway, if you don’t know, I’m a runner. I started picking up running my first year in college. You know, you had to do something outside of class time. My past-time: running. Not far, but far enough. I ran my first 5K the spring of 2004 at The University of Georgia. I walked up the hill conveniently placed in the last half mile. A week later, I re-ran the course with my BFOTB and not only conquered the hill but shaved nearly 5 minutes off my 5K time. Wha whaa?

Since then, I’ve battled running as often times it came as a chore. Upon my return from a semester abroad in spring of 2006, I got serious. Early morning trips to the gym for my date with the treadmill. I mastered 8 miles that spring. Yes, the longest I had ever ran at one time, up until October 29, 2011.

In 2010 I ran seven 5Ks – one a month. Most of them with my sissy Cam. Very good memories. I’d hoped to out-do that in 2011, but my body had different plans. I lagged behind, didn’t have money to put into a gym membership and there she goes. Until early spring. I was training for the Warrior Dash at the local YMCA in Mankato with a friend and her husband. It was during my evening date with the treadmill that I decided I could do a half marathon – I mean, why not? The very next day I signed up for the Monster Dash 2011.

Three long months of outdoor training took place as I physically and mentally prepared for my first ever half marathon. I thought I was crazy. Often time sprouted tears of astonishment at my determination, stamina and will. October 29th I was nervous as all heck, slower than anticipated but I ran all 13.1 miles of my first ever half marathon. Finishing in 2:22:22, I was overcome with emotions and was assured that I could do anything I put my mind to. Marathon?!

Mom was a trooper. She saw me at mile 7 and then missed me crossing the finish line. I look best posed – not running. As seen here. This is my “I survived” face.

March of this year – the beginning of my running year – very ambitious running year. I was aiming to hit 12:12:12. 12 runs in 12 months in 2012. My body had a different plan. I was side benched by the chiropractor for nearly two months. No running; no weight training. Most brides would lose it; I was getting married in less than a year and I couldn’t work out. Okay, so what?!

Now, after many trial days of beginning my running season for 2012, I am about to conquer another life goal. I had another moment of I can do it! Just sign up. You can’t turn back then. And I entered the lottery for the Twin Cities 10 mile. Yep. Sure enough. Early morning July 23rd I was  awarded the golden ticket.

I will be running my first ever 10 miler on October 7th. Say whaa?

So, on top of wedding to-dos and DIY projects and all that jazz, I will add training for a 10 miler. Meh. Easy, right? Some may think so. Me? Not so much. I know it will be a challenge an so I embrace it. Because what is driving me is the fact that I will once again look back and thing. Wow, I not only worked full time, part-time and planned a wedding. I trained and ran a 10 mile race a month before my wedding.

I guess what would truly classify me as crazy is if I were to run the Monster Dash half marathon – six days before my wedding. ………… when is that registration deadline?!?

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