Cuff Links + Silhouettes Retire

Have you been looking for July’s Silhouette? Well, there is a reason you have not found it. Rest assured, you are not crazy. No. Leave that to me. Each day is one step further into the crazyland and I’m mastering the crazyland as I go. When I’m done I’ll have a PhD in it.

Why no Silhouette? Well, because a couple of reasons. Overall, because there will not be any more. Sad, I know. However, there is good reason to it. It’s for the better of my health, mentality and over-all wellbeing.

Three reasons Cuff Links and Silhouette are retiring:

Quite simply, there is too much to do. If I tried to list all of my items I am planning to do for the month, it would drive you and I crazy. There simply isn’t enough space or time to recap what I have already recapped in my oh-so lovely mini binder. My side-kick.

Keeping crazy to its minimum. Many times I look at my to-do list and am overwhelmed at the sheer number of items clouding around the month. August? Yeah, it’s spooked me since June. So, to keep my sanity, I’m choosing not to list them more than once.

I have to keep some secrets to myself. Yes, this is a very public platform. However, I want my wedding to be a sheer surprise to as many people for as many details as possible. And, considering my thoughts about going into business in the wedding industry in the future, I need to capitalize on a few items to call them ‘my own’ – if that is even a possibility. Life is a matter of building blocks – whether they are yours or another’s.

No, I am not ending my blogging. I want to stick to my overall reason for starting – to document my journey from fiancé to wife. I’ve learned to be flexible enough. If you know me, you know I like a plan. And I tend to stick to it. However, flexibility is what has kept me sane. Patience on the other hand, is a virtue I continue to master.

Onto the next to-do…

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