Three months to go…

Bang. Bam. Done. Going from reflecting on the last 12 months to focusing and zoning in on the next three months is quite the difference. And a bit of a reality shock at that.

If an entire year flew by so quickly, I can’t begin to imagine what 3 months will be like. I’m a mix of emotions over here. A bit saddened, anxious, excited, nervous and I would be lying if I didn’t say I felt a bit overwhelmed and a bit more stressed.

I’ve mentioned numerous times about stopping to enjoy the moment. Capturing the moment and fully living throughout the entire process has been a challenge throughout the last 12 months and one I am ready to grasp in the months ahead. Eek, I can formulate an exact number of days at the 3 month mark – holy moly, guacamole! I must remember: I can do anything, just not everything.

I’m a bit saddened that so much time has passed already and so quickly. I really must buckle up, open my eyes and enjoy every breathe I take. I’ve enjoyed being a bride-to-be and can admit, sometimes wish it would last a bit longer… maybe.

IMAG0805.jpgThe anxiety is over the lists I have down on paper, in my head, on post-its, you name it. There’s a list formed. For the most part, I’ve stayed stress-free… besides one epic chiro period. And I’ve already got a game plan for surviving the last 100 days of bride-to-be time.

So, no problem right? Sure. Getting my emotions in check will be key. With so many events, tasks and projects ahead, my emotions are sure to take a ride on the wild side. Touche! Let’s grab a drink and get to work! Drinks on the ledge, projects on the tables, please!

Sto lat! 3 months please be nice and pearock with me not against me! Cheers to staying a head of the game, keeping my sanity + rocking the **** out of August! Woot! Pardon my french.

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