Flower Kitty

I couldn’t help myself from sharing this. This is a text message I got from Z with the text: “Well it took my 5 minutes to find this little shit” And that she is.

Z goes over to the house for his lunch break. the kitts love it as they are free to roam the deck during this time. For a lunch break, 5 minutes is an awful long time when it comes to thinking all you had to do was get up, call the kitts in and lock the door. No, 5 minutes of searching the house for Miss Priss is an eternity! I’m sure he’d thought she had gone and jumped again. This time, running off until she spooked herself into being lost.

Nope! There she be. Snuggled right on in with the flower pot. Like it’s her bed of roses or something similar. Serious? No. There is no catnip in that planter. It was a nice spread of healthy flowers until she snuggled her fat rear in there – breaking the flowers along the way. Thanks, Nahla. Now I owe mom a screen door and a flower pot.

Flower kitty you may be. In my wedding, I still think not.

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