Reality check: First shower


The moment you receive your first shower invite in the mail there is a whole new sense of reality wave washing over you. It is for real. Yes, this is happening. Legitly awesome. I am a bride-to-be and my friends and family support me with this decision.

Alas, this has been on my fridge for quite some time – it seems my shower hosts are just as on-top of planning as I am! Perfection! A great way to put a bride’s heart to rest. Lucky, lucky me.

I cannot wait for this date to come! It’s sure to be great company, fun times and memories to last a life time! So now, I have a question… what does the honorary guest wear?

And, an even bigger debate in my head: do I have to wear white?

What are your thoughts, do bride-to-be’s have to wear white to their bridal showers? Or, can they wear a pallet of favorite colors?

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