3 ways for wedding vendors to win a bride’s heart

Calling all vendors! Churches, photographers and reception sites; cakeries, paper mills and make-up artists – all of you. If you want to win the heart of a Bride, listen up! No, I am not trying to be demanding. Rather, I’m merely trying to give you a glimpse into a bride’s head – my head. Give you my thoughts and opinions on how to win a bride over from the very get go to the final detail.

It’s pretty simple, actually. It’s not like I’m asking you to provide your services for free; nor am I demanding sole attention. There are just common courtesy tactics and a little special something to throw a cherry on top. If you do these three things, you’d almost have me at ‘hello’.

Have appealing, flexible hours of business.

Most brides work, just as you do. It is not convenient for bride’s to come in between the hours of 8 and 4pm. I’m sorry. Yes, some may be available – lucky them! Some may even be willing to take time off work. However, brides in my position have to save their PTO for their actual wedding and can’t be taking time off to go on site visits, consults and tastings. A little flexibility or hours accommodating to the bride is not only much appreciated, but will win a snip-it of her heart.

Win my heart: I contact you for a viewing or consultation. I work 8 – 4 every day. Your hours are typically 9 – 4 every week day; weekends are filled with events. Well, is it quite possible to stay late one day? Or, if it happens to be a number of brides, perhaps your hours can be 9 – 4 most days, 11 – 8 on Wednesdays.

Respond within 24 hours.

Maybe it is me – I highly doubt I am the most high-maintenance, demanding bride out there – and my field of work (communications + pr) that I have high expectations for communications. No. We are not in the stone ages. Communication can take place on a variety of mediums – need I list them? Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and the old-school phone call, cell phone, tablet, laptop – you name it! You do not need to come back with all the information they are asking for, but at least acknowledge their inquiry within a 24-hour time frame. Answers then can extend up to 72 hours, tops. 48 hours is nearly acceptable.

Win my heart:I shoot you an email inquiring about flower service. You receive it during a day of mad chaos with funeral flowers and no delivery person. Take two minutes out to acknowledge the inquiry, express interest and state when you will follow up or ask a question for a follow-up. Don’t be afraid to let me know you are busy. Just respect my time as I will yours.

Top it off with a cherry.

Go above and beyond expectations.  Whether it’s exchanging instant flash-speed email communications, wowing her with pampering at your meeting or throwing in an extra dozen cupcakes – make her heart melt + make it memorable. Every bride wants to feel as if she is the only one who exists. Whatever is easiest for you and fits your budget, do it. Throw the cherry on top – we all know the cherry is the best part of the sundae!

Win my heart:We seal the deal and secure our future work together. Agreeing to touch base as the date nears. Win me over and reach out to me before I can reach out to you. Stay in touch with an email or Facebook shout-out once a month or so. And, if you’re a baker like myself, throw in an extra handful of sweets or free delivery.

While I realize your life does not revolve around me, I don’t think that these are asking too much. Yes, you have a life outside of me – the bride-to-be; you have a life outside of your business, too! And, that you have to make a profit, too!

My idea of planning is unique in and of itself. Sure, my future company will encompass my beliefs, planning style + preferred way of doing something. Maybe then I will think differently. These are mere suggestions from a bride-to-be one of umpteen other bride-to-bes out in the world.

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