Gifted: Our first wedding gift

Nothing says happily ever after better than whoopie pies – approved by Chairman Bob in a beautifully DIY’d gift bag, nonetheless.


There’s a story behind this and yes, please see me laughing. And I’m still laughing. A coworker of mine decided she was going to go back to school and be a smarty pants at Johns Hopkins out on the east coast. I know, how dare her! In all honesty, I’m over-joyed for her. She deserves it and I know will go on to do tremendous things. Our office will miss her – I’ll miss her as she kept me much more sane than I realized.

With moving comes packing. With packing comes de-cluttering. With de-cluttering comes gifting – apparently! So on her last day, it was not her receiving the farewell gifts, but me! A lovely DIY decorated bag sat awaiting my presence. A whoopie pie maker! 12 pie maker at that!

The story behind it is long and probably only funny to us. Anyhow – it was the gesture that counted. The thought put into it. And yes, thank you Amanda for gifting me with my first wedding gift! It brought me straight into Gilmore Land and thinking of Lorelai and her almost-wedding to Max. I’ll stop there….

Thank you Amanda for bringing humor and friendship into my first wedding gift! I’m sure to carry on with such humor, good spirits and thankfulness in my remaining wedding experience.

Now, who wants whoopie pie?

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