Weekend Recap: Girl time, BFOTB + glitter, oh my!

As I’ve said many, many times before. Time flies.

This weekend was ‘the big weekend’ – 4-day weekend to be exact! Yes, yes indeed. I was spoiled. Not only did I have the 4-day weekend itself, I had BFOTB time for 4+ days! The absolute best family shower to-date, my bachelorette party and fabulous treatment from my one & only, Mr. Z. Can a girl be spoiled any more?

Please forgive me for my time away. After all, we all need it.

Time flew by, even though the majority of the days were spent doing anything and nothing all at once, I’m left looking over my shoulder wondering where it all went. Time flies when you’re having fun!?

A little preview of my weekend awaits:

the night out on the town started with a dinner at a favorite spot for eats. Any flaws of the dinner were far out-shadowed by the laughs and this moment captured perfectly with my father.

a little pampering never hurts a girl. Add coffee to the mix and we can call it a day. BFOTB time.

This is one of the finest moments in these ladies’ lives. Cutting the celery to precise length. Yes, a rule would be of great use – as you see.

my reception venue has a rule I absolutely don’t like: no glitter. They don’t know me all that well. With many reminders, I’m bound and determined to have my glitter fascination included in all aspects of my wedding. Just you wait and see what this girl pulls out of her sleeve!

A bit of a sweet tooth will lead you to this fabulous gem. Nadia’s Cakes – the newest (at least to me) fad in the Maple Grove arena. One cupcake + Coffee to go, please!

Chalkboard + bachelorette = true love chalks.

My weekend flew as fast as these photos go. And I cannot… c  a  n  n  o  t  wait to capture them all in my upcoming blogs! Funness! Prepare yourself. You will be intoxicated with wedding galore!

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