Bridal pampering: Nail art + a gel nail manicure

All brides deserve a little pampering along the journey. Especially brides with a high amount of stress – not me – or those in training programs for big races – that would be me. Can you say Twin Cities 10 mile?

Okay, let’s be honest. Anyone deserves a bit of pampering in their life. It’s a balancing act and you deserve a little extra treatment. Touche!

I’m a huge fan of the little things. I don’t need a full spa day to pamper myself. Sure, I’d take it if I could. But – living on a budget, I’ve learned to use my creativity and appreciate the little things. Whether it’s sleeping in an extra hour, spending a half hour reading a favorite book or taking a few minutes to paint my nails. The little things are what makes this world go round and happiness in this relationship.

With my BFOTB in town, I was spoiled with extra pampering day in and day out throughout her 5 day stay. Yes, reality was a slap in the face after the extra-long weekend. But, it was well worth it. Especially our little trip to the nail salon.

Since my engagement, I’ve paid more attention to my hands – for obvious reasons, bling bling! However, I’ve also taken better care of my hands. My feet love summer because they get attention and pampering. My hands on the other hand never get as much attention – until now. I’ve debated going to the gel manicure for a while now. I wasn’t sure if it was worth the money, if it’d stay as long as they said or hold up for all the work that I do with my hands.

Well, I went for it – mani + pedi! I went with the gel nails for one reason – I needed it to last more than 7 days to kill two showers with one stone. Done! Statement nail and all! The color choice could have been a little bit better on my end. However, the durability and constant shine is enough to make any bride smirk as perfectly painted her nails capture the sunlight showing off her bling.

And, on my BFOTB weekend, I splurged on my toes as well. Not a foot lover – more of a feet hater – I rarely get designs. I don’t want to look at feet more than I have to; besides, who wants to pay $5 extra dollars? Seriously? Go big or go home…

not the best quality, but you get the idea, right?

I got creative and through my technician for a spin on this one. But with a little hand gesturing and pointing, I was all giddy inside as she started to paint my detailed design. A ring for a bachelorette – perfect! Again, my color choice was a bit off and the lady added red which for my taste, does not go. However, I thought she was getting all cutesty and might be adding hearts so I didn’t stop her.

Bam. Bridal nail art. I impressed the lady next to me – also a fellow bride-to-be. Actually, I think I may have made her upset that she hadn’t thought of the idea. Sorry, I’m just that epic. I can’t lie, I’ve been a bit of a foot-snob since I’ve walked out with bling on my toes. And yes, I will repeat for my wedding.

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