Personal attendant: Check!

I’m sure it surprises most anyone that knows me – I have yet to have a personal attendant. Until now! I’m over-joyed at the thought of finally having a personal attendant secured and overly blessed to have the gem of a goddess Miss Amanda is sure to be.

I think this was one of the hardest choices I have had to make. But, why? Again, if you know me, you know that I am type-O, creatively structured and on-top of every detail. Essentially, who could be me when I wanted to relinquish “meness” and sit back and enjoy the ride – no doubts, concern or stress in mind.

Sure, you think I’ve got a pretty big ego. It’s not like I’m this big star-studded event planner. I do have the energy, drive and attention to detail to put on a great event. And, when it comes to your wedding, the last thing you really want to do – rather, should be doing is stressing over the final details.

I have many friends and family that I would love to have involved with the wedding day-of festivities. It’s not that they aren’t good enough. It’s more like they have a family to gather and prepare for the day itself, they have to work – it is a Friday wedding after-all. I mean, the world cannot take PTO for the whole day. I get that. And, well, with all the options, narrowing it down to just one and not making others feel left out? Harder than you think.

Rest assured that this bride-to-be has a personal attendant/coordinator. I’m not a fan of the personal attendant title – it feels stuffy, snobby like I will be incapable of doing anything for myself. Coordinator is friendlier of a term in my opinion; then again, it comes with quite the illusion of a hefty price tag of responsibilities.

Enough is enough! Miss Amanda is so much like myself it’s ridiculous. I’ve asked for her help along the way and she’s been nothing but a fabulous absorber of information, wealth of ideas and suggestions and genuinely interested and excited for my day – almost as much as I am! I’m blessed to have this super talented, gorgeous family friend as my right-hand gal.

Thank you, Miss Amanda for blessing me with your friendship and genuine interest and assistance in this milestone event. I’m elated to rock this day with you at my side! It’s sure to be another binder love edition as your binder is currently in the works!

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