Wild goose chase: Michael’s cake topper edition

The wild goose chase has happened. You know there is always one – if not more – involved with every wedding. No matter how hard you try to avert the chase, how organized and pre-planned you are, it is inevitable. One thing. And, after experiencing a lady’s dismay at needing bulk quantity of a precise ribbon color by a precise date – a mere month away – I let out a breathe. I don’t have it so bad, after all.

Apparently, the letter D is quite the popular letter. It took not one, not two, but three different Michael’s stores to find my pot of gold. And, I have time on my side. Had I know it were that popular I may have started even earlier. Then again, we weren’t planning on having cake…

Here we are. Having our cake and eating it too. Not so much with the help of Michaels. Which, brings me back to 3 ways vendors can win the hearts of brides.

I’m sorry, but Michael’s you should read up. You are a bride-central zone and yet your customer service – at least my experience – was so subpar. Working in retail myself, I have a glimpse on the inside of things and walking away from my experience, I know that your inventory system is a flunk.

I’ll bite my tongue before I go on a rampage. That’s not what I’m here to do. I do enjoy my Michael’s trips. Just as much as I enjoy my JoAnn’s trips, too. And best of all? my goose chase is over. Cheers to it being the only one…

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