An emotional bride. Caution: Blubbering bride

Happy wedding tears. Perhaps this will be the wedding favor.

Last night I turned to Z last night after witnessing a proposal during Rascal Flatt’s live rendition of Bless the Broken Road and said “I’m not going to make it through our wedding.”

Are you familiar with Rascal Flatt’s popular song – Bless the Broken Road? Well, take a moment to acquaint yourself with this song. Sure, the lyrics are touching. Often times a tear-jerker. An overall, great song.


I’m not a typical “crier”. Sure, sometimes I get goosebumps or let out the occasional awww. But lately I’ve become the utmost sap, tearing up at the most obnoxious things. Point in case:

Watching ESPN’s college MVP camp. Yep, I was that girl on the treadmill running and blinking back tears. Why? Oh you know, over some young man’s story of coming from nothing, not being ranked and then winning MVP of the camp. Wow. Can I get a hormone check?

Shower introductions. At my Cassidy shower, we did a round of introductions. After the first Aunty introduced herself, she attempted to go on and I halted her – feeling goosebumps. A second aunty croaked out her name and I had to yell Stop! before the entire room was in tears. Yes, a more understandable tear duct reaction. I pulled out my tough-skin and completed the round of introductions. Hoofta!

Proposal at the Rascal Flatts concert. Yes, I had the works. Goosebumps, teary eyes and a couple escaped tears.

Songs on the radio. Yep. I may not remember what songs exactly, but I’ve got tears in my eyes, hands on the wheel and a listening ear. Next channel, please?

Seriously, can I get a hormone check? This girl is a ball of tears.. and we’re still over two months out. Goodness. The next couple months are going to be filled with a rollercoaster ride of emotions as the big day nears. Tissue, waterproof mascara + a personal fan are some of my must have items. I just hope I’m not a blubbering mess on display. Who needs that?! That’s not very bridely-beautiful.

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