Friendship: The fab four

Four friends. Four women. Four personalities. Two childhood histories. There are an awful lot of ways to describe us. And, an even longer history.

Throughout the four of us there’s twenty years of history. Amongst the four of us, we share nine years together. Willingly or not, we’ve been apart of each others lives for almost a decade.

And here we are: four B.S. degrees, a master’s degree and a second on the way.  Two, almost three, marriages, two homeowners, one baby; a budding start-up business, a family member passed and an endless amount of laughs, photos and memories later.

Not bad for 9 years. And here we are preparing for another life event shared together as the fab four: my wedding.

I’m blessed to call these girls friends. Friendships grow and change and the fact that we are nearing not only my chapter of our story, but a decade of friendship, warms my heart. Friends come and go as we grow individual as a human being. True friends grow separately without growing apart.

Thank you girls for being a part of this friendship. It’s a two-way street and I could not be here alone. We’ve experienced so much life already but we are instore for so, so much more. Get your party pants ready because we definitely aren’t in River Falls anymore.

Cheers to sweatpants, pickle roll-ups, adult bevs and a side of Kirby!

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