Two steps ahead

It’s no secret, I’m a planner. From the get-go, my mind has been racing with possible ideas, creations and everything to come. While I’ve had my ever growing list as a constant at my side, I’ve rarely felt pressured or stressed to get things done. Sure, I’ve given myself what at times feels like an endless list. But, I’ve managed to stay two steps ahead.

How? It’s been magic; mixed with a master to-do list with assigned tasks along the way. My secret? Well, I’m not quite sure what makes me, me. However, there are a few elements to assist me.

Master to-do list. Knowing what you have to do – even if it appears endless – keeps you on your toes and ready to dive into one thing after another.

Delegating. I’ve been able to delegate both time and projects to others. If you know me, I’m not much of a delegator. I’m a self-starter and all involved; especially when it comes to something as big and self-portraying as my wedding. However, I know that I cannot do it all on my own. No. I’ve asked for help. I’ve also allotted time to do projects. Whether it’s a weekend’s length or a couple hours on a week night, it all adds up.

It’s never too early. Sure, you can’t bake a cake and let it sit for a couple months. However, you can make boutonnieres, wrap gifts and spray paint letters at any time. There are things that are time-constraining; however, there are plenty more items, projects and tasks that can be done at any time period. Start now.

I’ve never really felt it, but this weekend I’ve felt – do I dare say it… a head of the game? No way. Could I be? Nah, it gives me a little bit of anxiety. I’ll consider myself on track to stay two steps ahead.

Pearockin’ like usual..

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