Making it last.

Once upon a time, we never had cats. I never liked cats. I despised cats – they were mean and irritable. Dogs. Those were my thing. I wanted a dog. I remember the days when Z wanted to get a cat.. he even took me to the humane society to look at them! And, what do you know?! It was buy one get one free.


And here we are. We have two cats. Two very independent cats. One who’s a priss beyond belief and thinks she’s a wild animal who should hide in plants and capture birds all day. Another who enjoys his food a little too much and is prone to UTIs. Lovely. This leads me to my text from Z. He was sent on a few errands today. One was to get cat food.

If we are gonna pay 80 dollars for 24 cans of food and a 7 pound bag of food we need to make it last! That’s too much!

I couldn’t help but laugh. I’m sorry. Is that mean? Oh, for crying out loud! Yes, the food will last. Cats must be fed. Life goes on.  I am marrying you and your crazy rampant texts better come with it.

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