Football Sunday + Wedding Projects

Perfect mix of NFL Redzone, Vikings, Fantasy Football + wedding tasks.

Yes, that statement is a bit contradictory in itself, now isn’t it? One would think. However, what else are you supposed to do when you have a fall wedding? It’s not like hunting opener is on our radar. Football season? Oh, well that’s an entirely different story.

I’ll admit it. I’m a fan of football. I enjoy a Sunday game with a small excuse to eat a little junk food and have a beer or two. A great distraction to the typical domestic Sunday. Laundry and a side of football; puff paint and glitter with an occasional glance at the “awesome plays”.

Yet my most favorite part of the day is the ability to talk sports and watch Zach’s antics over fantasy football. This year, he’s graduated from watching the computer screen and the TV at the same time. Well, I suppose I know the reason for this – one word: Redzone.

This Sunday’s multitasking to-do list was exactly that: multitasking at its finest. A mix of laundry, pennant puffing + glitterizing, spin wheel pieces and final touches on the aisle décor. Oh yes, and football.

If you were to ask Z, he’d probably say I didn’t relax all day. On the contrary, it was the perfect relaxed Sunday. We even snuck in a long run, two hockey games; a trip to Michael’s and a bit of fro yo.  Relaxation: check. Productive, indeed.

Pennant painting with a dash of glitter. I’ve gone back and forth on these things for the last week. I wasn’t going to buy more paper; just use what I have – which is quite a bit. I wanted to make a total of six different ones to hang around the entrance. However, thinking of how to hang them and with what threw me for a loop. Was it really necessary? Not exactly. However, they were half made, so why not finish them? I could always use them at the rehearsal dinner and they may make great props if I do say so myself.

So a puffing I went. Four different pennants, a total of 24 letters took up quite a bit of time. Turns our football is more distracting than I thought. It’s not the Vikings; redzone. Oh, and to top it off, a bit of glitz with some glitter.

Besides a bunch of loose ends, wrapping gifts, tying bows – which I swore I would not do. Bows were tied and when frustration hit, mamma bear stepped in.

Overall, I’d say it was a successful day of Sunday football wedding projects. With a limited number of items to do, it was rather successful. And, I didn’t put out my back while I was at it! Now that, is pearockin at it’s finest.

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