Sneak peak: Gifts for my ladies!

I’ve been up to some sneaky business lately. Spending a lot of time on gifts for my ladies – well worth it, of course. But, it’s been pretty lonely without helping hands.  However, the final products have me jumping for joy and ready to spoil the surprise every time I’m around or talking to one of my ladies!

Once again, I’ve resorted to my staples – glitter and puff paint. With the addition of spray paint as a lucky third. The gifts may have been time consuming with multiple steps. But the outcomes? Oh, so worth it.

Anxiously I await yet another detail to come time for. I’m seriously debating this whole big bang of surprises in one day. Seriously? How can one handle it all? Better yet, why should it be all in one day’s time? Maybe I will change things. Spread it out a little bit more.. Hmm, interesting. Can I go back and re-plan this event? Make it more than the traditional day wedding extravaganza. Too bad.

No, I’m not sharing any details – just yet. But, just you wait. After all the fun and games, the surprises and final details will all be laid out on the table.

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