A snowy wedding day


I’ve become a news watcher. And I’m weary to admit this because in my books, watching the news means I’m old. I am old, aren’t I? Then again, there’s not much to watch at 5:45am at the gym, now is there? Boy, do I ever wish I had a treadmill at home with DVR… the dream continues.

Reality check: I watch the news, fact. I am old, myth.

While watching the overly sarcastic and desperate to be humorous at 6am anchors, I was able to put aside the cheesy jargon and actually be humored and delighted in a weather report, at that!

Do you know when the average snow fall happens for one inch of snow – in Minnesota? I do! I do! And I’m jumping for joy to answer it, too.  According to Kare 11, the average date for the first 1” of snow is November 18th. Sa-weeet! We are safe.

Now, now. Yes, I do remember that Halloween blizzard of ’91. However, I believe the records of 90 degree days this year are going to keep the snow away until November 12. Yes, I do believe.

Here’s to a non-snowy wedding day! Yes, it’s going to rain and I keep saying I’ve accepted it; almost expect it. However, I’m not so sure it’s sinking in. Time will tell.

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