Frist things first: Drinks!

You wouldn’t be able to guess it from my blogs lately, but over the last month, I’ve been quite the DIY-bee. I’m horrible with updating the photos as I go along. It’s just, well obviously, my time is a bit pre-occupied and, doing it and explaining it are two different things. Yes, yes I do owe quite the update. But, all in due time.

First things first. Drinks! We’ve been working out our bar options. Yes, another lovely trick to figure out. Open bar, cash bar, 2 kegs or 3? Eye yi yi. Nonetheless, we made a decision as far as main drinks and with that, I’ve made it official by making a sign!

Sure, a bar front is a bar. Decorations are not necessary. Hello?! I am Ashley. There will be no corner left unturned. My personal mission is to brand the heck out of our wedding. Not obnoxiously like heavy marketing can be. Rather, tasteful and quite simply, us.

So yes, our bar front decorations are complete with two pieces.

First, in case it is not obvious, we have “BAR” spelt out . The base is cardboard letters from JoAnn’s and with the “B” and “R” I wrapped with black yarn. They look simple, yes. But they are far from – I kid you not. So much thought and unwrapping with hidden hot glue and attempting not to capture cat hair along the way. They are done.

DIY yarn-wrapped BAR letters with a pinch of glitzy glitter. Oo la la.

And then my favorite part, the “A”. Perhaps because Ashley starts with an A.. Gold + glitter. Again, a cardboard letter base. I sprayed with primer before three coast of metallic gold spray paint. I’ve fallen in love with Kyron – shh, don’t tell Z. And the kicker – glitter spray paint!

Yes, I can’t have glitter at my reception – without a fine. So, I’ve found me secrets to having it and not the mess. The “A” is sealed with a handful of coats of clear spray paint, low odor. Can’t have our place letting off a musky spray paint odor. I recommend Kryon low odor matte finishing spray.

And secondly, we have a bar menu listing complimentary items. You can’t go wrong with a bit of chevron and a dab of glitter. Especially, when it is contained in a frame! This matches our table number theme with the grey and gold glitter chevron pattern and instead of black font, I went with a dark grey.

DIY chevron + glitter bar menu

Simple, chic and glitzy. Pearocking right along..

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