Bride on the run: Women run the cities!

We run. Family.

I’ve had little – okay, more like no updates on my running. Then again, this isn’t a running blog. I’m not a run expert, trainer or anything beyond a bride on the run to her first 10 miler. Yahoo!

However, this weekend changed all of that nonsense. I had my first ass-kicking run of my life. It was not pretty. And another first – a family 5k with my lovies.

I managed to train and run my first half marathon last fall – Monster Dash 2011. It was a fabulous experience. My heart was in it; my body and I were in synch day in and day out. I was excited to hit the pavement and astonished that I not only attempted, but completed the long runs – 6, 7, 8…  Enjoyable.

This time around? Ha. It’s a struggle to hit the pavement. I have doubts that I can do it. Not to mention, my back has been fairly cooperative. A few minor aches and pains and a weekend off – oops! But I was back at it this past weekend – 8 miler. I did it. It went somewhat decently. However, the after effects were ones I never want to experience again.

Apparently, I escaped them in my half training. I see it as ignoring my body and boy – did I learn my lesson! Instead of feeling like I was on top of a mountain when I finished my run, I felt instantly defeated and barely able to lift my head from the ground mid-stretch. Yep, the onset was quick and the next couple hours were not pretty. I’ll spare you’re the details.

As if the 8 miles were not enough, my feet hurt, body ached and a 5k was in store! What I believe is the beginning of a family tradition, my lovies and I conquered the raceway at the 2012 Women Run the Cities 5k at Minnehaha Park. Lil ole Cam lead the way cruising the roads and left me in the dust. We all hung in a pack for most of the race; however, I’ll admit I was more than willing – happy! – to stop with Lex to tie her shoe.

“Lessidy” Clan at the Women Run the Cities 5K 2012 at Minnehaha Park

We women run the city. We will be back for more. This bride is on the run again. Hitting a few small runs this week before the last long run before race day; and, most importantly listening to my body.

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