A showering of love

Have I mentioned that we’ve been blessed with family and friends and a love like none other? We are blessed beyond belief. And we’ve had three showers thus far. Rather than writing on each one and since I’ve finally gotten around to writing on our first one that happened a bit over a month ago, why not combine them into one?

Our first shower was a couple’s shower held on Z’s mom’s side. The rain threatened; typical, for a Deb + Kurt function. However, it cleared before the event began and out came the sun! With family and friends surrounding us, we hung out on the deck and visited, opened gifts and have glorious foods!

family love

It was the first time our extended families had gotten together and it could have passed as the umpteen time. Our families share a common background in the neighborhoods, family and school history. Aunts and uncles know each other; grandpa’s know each other and our parents have elementary school and childhood friends in common. Crazy? Yeah, just a little. Yet, it’s us.

Me and my girls.

The second shower was hosted by my aunty for my dad’s side, girlfriends and their mothers. A bit special in itself as my maid of honor was in town and able to attend. A few games, too many gifts and a beating sun poured its rays down on us. A great girls luncheon before a long night out on the town!

And the most recent shower was hosted by my mom’s best friend for their girlfriends then and now.  A day started with a 5k with my lovies and then a nice and relaxing shower on a perfectly sunny fall day. Delicious food, a fabulous host and laughter filled the day.

Blessed we are. Three showers and yet two more to go. How I got so blessed, I’m unsure. The love and support of my family and friends is in no way questionable. The day is soon to come and if the showers have any insight on the “big day to come”… boy, we are in store for quite the emotional, love-filled celebration filled with laughter. I’ll take it.

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