Our song: An essence of us.

I can’t help but to boast: love looks good on us.

I had hopes of getting another DIY post up today. Plans even in the works. Well, like a lot of things lately, it didn’t happen. I know you could probably careless; although, you are probably wondering if I’m all talk since I have yet to show you even a morsel of my projects – other than my bar décor: chev + glitter bar menu + yarn wrapped + metallic gold glitter sprayed bar letters.

Alas, I am here with a moment Z and I shared in the car last night. [ enter the ‘aww’ here.]  We were on our way home from meeting with our pastor. We’d just discussed the ceremony, wording for the program, songs for the musician, scriptures – all set. Woot! Bring on the programs!

The other day I realized we needed to have our DJ information turned in by October 1. Yikes! Although, it shouldn’t be surprising. Oct 1 and Oct. 19 – two very important and monumental days in October. Lots happening and due at the same time – the first or the nineteenth.

After deciding on music with our pastor and music pastor (via the cell phone) I continued the conversation of the songs we choice – just two. But two that are sure to be wrapped with emotion, laced with an essence of us and I’m sure tear-jerkers. Next to decide on? Our song. I’ve had a few on my mind over the last few months.

A few of which I’ve shared: God Gave Me You + My LoveI Won’t Let Go. And a couple I’ve kept to myself.

On our car ride home, a song both Z and I have considered came on the radio. We turned it up sat back and listened. The music. The voice. The words. Beautiful.

“That’s it. Done.”

The beautiful words laced from Z’s mouth as we turned on the parkway. That simple? Something you’ve been procrastinating on, refusing to think of or make a decision. Done. In a matter of minutes?

“I know it’s just music, but that song has essence of us”
Can he speak any more beautiful truth?

However, music is not just music. That song, our song, is not just music. All music is written to speak to people; to engulf meaning and spark emotions for people. So it’s not silly what so ever!

Yes, the beauty of his elegant speaking has a demise. Enter this comment:

“Do you think booty clapping was written…”

The car filled with laughter as we continued down the parkway. We have a song. We have our song. Decided. Done. And, to top it off, we have a plan to bring the song to life. I mustn’t say more. For, this… this my friends, could be the highlight of my entire day.

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