Branding My Wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding, its an open book. The options are endless and my creativity was unleashed the moment I began envisioning our wedding.

How did anyone ever plan a wedding without Pinterest? I know I’ve asked this question before. And yes, it was and is quite possible to plan a wedding without pinterest. Yes, I just said that. However, I’ve used Pinterest umpteen times. It’s saved me umpteen $s on magazines and books. It’s a great way to spark an interest.

For our wedding, I’ve taken many ideas and spun them to “scream us”. Everything from the church decor to reception details screams Ash – or Z. There’s nothing generic about it. Branding our wedding is one way that I’ve been able to take a pin and spin it into something one-of-a-kind for our wedding.

Branding is something that is important to me. It may not be to others; however, each bride has their focal points. Mine resembles me and that is detail, detail, detail! I’m leaving no rock unturned. I have had the time to do just that and as long as time stays my friend, I’ll continue to execute.

*enter squeal of excitement here*

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