Our love story

It’s not fancy. It’s far from a fantasy or fairytale story. It’s hardly a story at all. It goes a little something like this.

The question: How did you two meet?

The answer: I don’t quite remember how it started; I just remember it starting.

Neither Z or I can come up with a date, time or place that we started. Sure, there was the summer of bonfires, swimming and watching movies. But – that was as a group, never one-on-one. How we got each other’s numbers is a mystery. Speculate all you want.

We do remember one thing – our texting. Nonstop. It was that sickening, constant, sun up to way past sun down. I would lay in bed fighting to stay awake just so I could continue the conversation we were having. Sure, flirting was probably interwoven. But the one thing that did evolve was friendship.


A friendship unlike any other I had experienced with a male. A feeling of true, genuine friendship emerged and was not going away. And then before you know it, I was contemplating on how to tell miss makenzers that well, the 3 of us friends just got a little complicated. Whoopsies!

So here we are.. five years later. 33 days away from being husband and wife. We don’t have a perfect love story. We have stories of friendship, memories of summer nights, texting marathons and our first kiss. So, somewhere between those lines is our love story. Maybe one day we’ll find a rhyme or reason to it. But I’m not holding my breath. We are who we are and we are together; for always.

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