DIY Glitter vases out of Yankee Candle Jars

If there is one thing my future mother-in-law loves more than their family, it’s Yankee candles. Boy, oh boy does she ever. This last Christmas, I believe she had a total of 10 candles. Yes, 10. And with her birthday two months later, you’d think she’d be set for a couple years. Oh no. It’s now September and she’s got one full candle left.

Just recently in my DIY endeavors, I’ve come to find a purpose for the used, now empty glass jars – if only I’d a thunk of it sooner! I can’t imagine what I would have! Alas, we have enough to suite its purpose: junior bridesmaid flower holders!

So easy, it’s ridiculous. The idea was inspired by many tutorials on how to make a glitter jar – without the mess. Because, let me remind you, I can’t have glitter at my reception. So the challenge continues.

Quick and easy way to reuse empty Yankee candle jars goes a little something like this.

Items you will need:

  • empty yankee candle jars
  • ribbon
  • card stock
  • glue gun
  • glitter
  • puff paint
  • mod podge
  • clear finishing coat/sealer spray paint (I used Krylon low odor.)

I chose colors that went with my theme: peacock, black and gold. You can choose any color combination you want.

I cleaned the residue from the label off with warm water, a little scrapping and the peanut butter trick. GooGone may work as well.

  1. Coat the inside of the jar with a light coat of mod podge.
  2. Pour a decent amount of glitter in the jar – I went ahead and did about half the container (I save the leftovers!)

3. Roll the jar around until all the mod podge is covered with glitter
4. Let dry
5. Spray inside of jar with thick coats of spray paint sealer/finisher. I coated mine three times with about 10 minutes of dry time in front of a fan in between. Number of coats is up to you; remember, I needed every last drop of glitter to hold its place. Safe than sorry!

6. Measure ribbon around jar; cut.
7. Apply a thin layer of hot glue on the jar and adhere the ribbon; smoothing out any bumps from thickened glue. Let dry.
8. Wrap ribbon around jar and apply glue at end of ribbon to adhere to jar or other end of ribbon if it overlaps. Smooth out bumps from thickened glue and let dry.

9. Cut circle out of card stock and decorate and monogram as you choose.

10. To adhere card stock monogram to the jar, find where the ribbon end is on jar, apply medium/thick line of hot glue and adhere card stock circle monogram to jar.

Tadah! Final products. Just add water and flowers and you’re good to go!

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