30 days: The ups & the downs

glimpse at my DIY canvas project a la glitter.

I follow a few blogs on a semi-regular basis – thank you Google Chrome Reader! One of which does an ups and downs posting every so often; this installment sparked an instant list in my head. Well, how could it now when it ends with a hypothetical question? What are my latest ups and downs? Why, thanks for asking!

With the wedding a mere 30 days away, I have a ball of fun to share on my ups and downs and all arounds. Boy-oh-boy, do I ever. So here they be:

the UPs:

I survived both Oct. 1 and October 2nd without a panic attack. Yay! I had thought perhaps the breaking of the new month, the final month – October – would possibly cause a spark of anxiety. It didn’t. So I then left it to the 30 day mark – exactly one month – to do the dirty business. It didn’t. Sure, I’m staying up later and my brain is fuller. But I’m all intact!

Seating chart and programs have been completed! Woot! Two of the lingering items I thought would drive me crazy in the last days – under control! The seating chart is complete, 100%. The programs are waiting on the paper to get printed and assembled.

While we didn’t quite hit the nail on the head with the number of guests we were secretly hoping for, we are indeed under our initial numbers we sent to. Basically, I’m getting a handful of “nos” (at the end, per usual) and I can’t help but be excited! I see dollar signs, folks. Can’t help it.

the DOWNs:

I have shin splints. All of the sudden! With my big 10 mile race on Sunday, this is bad. Very bad. I could not go for a taper run today. I could barely get out of bed. What did I do? I simply went on a walk with my Aunty. Fast paced; but nothing out of the usual. Seriously? So as I limp around I’m praying they vanish so I can indeed complete my 10 miler.

Apparently, I have a runaway veil. Yes. As I was getting ready for my hair trial, I searched the house up and down, even called the dress fitter in hopes it was in the dress bag – no such luck. Seriously, I am not quite sure how this happened. Rather than wait and hope it shows up, I jetted out to nab another one – for peace of mind. Seriously?

We are still defending our guest list. It’s amazing what people think and choose to share what they think. It doesn’t faze me anymore. Surprise, a little. But here we are, needing to defend our decisions and decision not to add anyone else.

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