Parting the wedding sea

Four days into October and I can already tell a difference the lack of sleep, constant wedding project working and never ending thinking – itineraries, to-dos, confirmations, paying, etc. I’ve started taking Airborne on a daily basis while trying to drink enough water throughout the day as well. I’m currently carbing-up – I know, the sin against all sins for a bride, right? Well, I’m sorry but one, I love carbs. And two, I’m gearing up for my race on Sunday.

Time is going by way too fast. Left and right time is gone; things are still left to do. Yes, time is on my side as I have 29 days before the big day. But, nights at home are flying by and before I know it, it’s nearing midnight and I’m not even in bed. This is not going to be OK. Not to mention, work days are extremely hard to get through. Between the sea of wedding thoughts, sluggishness and October is no easy month for me at work: nine events and three major programs the week before I start PTO. It’s a rough sea. My colleague put it best: it’s like parting the wedding sea. Yes. Not that I’m Jesus, but it definitely describes me and my situation perfectly.

I’m not going to lie. I kind of miss the days of just talk. Sitting and talking about the excitement to come. Not much acting on any plans of much. Just smiling in anticipation and talking about what’s to come.

I know I need to be careful not to get burnt out. Don’t worry, I’m not close. I’m just officially ready for it to be here. I hate wishing the days away. However, I am super excited for a handful of reasons.

A completed puzzle.

I have been working on pieces here and pieces there. I absolutely cannot wait until I can see all the details come together. It’s like completing a puzzle. There are accomplishments along the way but nothing beats putting the last few pieces in and stepping back to enjoy the puzzle.

What’s around the bend?

I am ready to experience what I’ve waited over a year for. The reality is sinking in more and more each day. This is happening. As my excitement gets worked up I pause for a moment with the slightest hesitation. Not because I have doubts of marrying Z, but I do not know what I’m in for. This wedding – to be frank – is a big effing deal. The first grandchildren to get married in three of four families. Hello party time! I have no idea what is going to feel like, what I am going to experience or how I will take it all in. But that’ s OK.

After-Wedding to-do list.

Amongst my endless wedding to-do lists are my mental to-do lists for after the wedding. When you’re planning a wedding, there is a lot that gets casts aside: housework, organization, hobbies. I cannot wait to have time back. What I mean by this is I cannot wait to have time to make a pot of warm steamy soup on a chilly day; time to be crafty and make something that is not for the sake of the wedding. I’m ready to have time to mow the lawn, visit with friends and get my head wrapped around my professional development and career options!

Here’s to the 29 days ahead and the rest of my life that awaits! May I continue to part the wedding seas, enjoy each and every minute and pearock along the way!

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