Running to the alter via the TC 10 mile

This bride is on her way to the alter! And, another big fat check mark on the dwindling to-do list: TC 10 miler.

Today was the day. Balmy weather, numerous inclines and 10 miles of gorgeous fall landscapes, this bride-to-be conquered the asphalt and pearocked her way to the finish line!

I’m not going to lie, it was a challenge to get up and do this run. I was not in the mood, it was cold. I just wanted to snuggle in bed under the covers. Alas, I made my way in to the car, downtown and out to corral 4. Crossing the start line, I was numb, tired and unsure of what was to come. With a two hour goal in mind, slow and steady was winning this race.

One hundred thirteen minutes and forty nine seconds later, this bride-to-be smiled across the finish line; under goal time even if I walked a few inclines. Check. Mark. So how bout that wedding? 26 days to go. Woah, what? Dang. Reality check.


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