Golden glitter cardboard letters

Dark, but I have to keep the suspense for the big day. Final photos to come AFTER 11/2/12

I love glitter. Fact. I have not spend wasteful money on the wedding. Fact, too. Put one and one together and you have glitter gold initial décor.

Throughout my planning processes, I’ve made it clear to myself that I will not spend wasteful money on the wedding. Wasteful in the terms that it will not get used again, repurposed, recycled or a family tradition investment. It was a simple sentence often times hard to live by. However, I’ve done one heck of job, if I do say so myself. Off the top of my head, I’d say 90% of my wedding is not a result of spending wasteful money.

My wedding has been frugally branded with a dash of glitter. Two tiny tubes of glitter has lasted me this long, 15 months of planning, prepping and creating. Hard to believe, right? Believe it folks! This bride’s frugal, not cheap. Resourceful, not cheap. Too many times is cheap used. Far from, folks. Frugal, resourceful and creative.

Let’s get to these golden glittery gems, shall we? Yes, please! What better way to brand our wedding than to use our initials. Boring, when alone. Add a little golden glitz and the fact that we have two of the best letters for cliché, it’s a done deal.

Inspiration for these glittery gems was somewhere along the lines of Pinterest, glitterland and my investigation of the entire venue to bring the party alive.

Materials all came from my one and only stop, JoAnn’s:

  • Cardboard letters
  • Primer spray paint [I prefer Kryon]
  • Gold metallic spray paint [ I prefer Kryon]
  • Gold glitter spray paint [I prefer Kryon]
  • Finishing spray paint [I prefer Kryon]
  • Black ribbon
  • Glue gun + glue [on hand]

[one]: prime letters

[two]: coat letters with gold metallic spray paint. I chose to do three coats on each side.

[three]: coat letters with glitter spray paint. I chose to do two coats on each side.

If you haven’t fallen in love with them yet, just you wait. Glitter is the cherry on top!

[four]: coat letters with finishing spray. Again, I went with three or four coats. Excessive? Yes. However, at a $200 fine for glitter in the venue, I’m being overly cautious.

[five]: cut two black ribbon strips to approximately four  inches

[six]: glue opposite ends of ribbon strip together

[seven]: on the back of the letters, glue the black ‘loop’ so that about ½ to 1” is on the letter. Message glue and ribbon together to ensure bonding.

[eight]: hang!

Now admire, smile and do a little happy dance that these golden glitz letters are yours to keep! If you don’t want to hang the letters, you don’t need to add the ribbon. The letters stand fairly well on their own, can be rested against a wall or fireplace, or can be glued to a backdrop. Many, many options.

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2 Responses to Golden glitter cardboard letters

  1. This is cool…the AZ caught my eye because I am in Arizona! haha

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