DIY Peacock Feather Boutonnieres

DIY peacock feather boutonnieres.

I’ve been tentative to claim peacock as my wedding theme for fear of the excessive. Actual peacocks have not been incorporated with the wedding in any shape or form. The dress color is called peacock and I have brought in a few feathers – for instance, the boutonnieres.

When it came time to choosing flowers, I knew I was in over my head. I am not a flower person. I just wanted simple, chic and inexpensive. One way I kept my floral cost down was to illuminate boutonnieres from the order. Rather than have fresh florals on the guys’ chest, they get to rock a peacock feather. Hecks yes!

Peacock Boutonnieres for groomsmen, ushers, dads and grandfathers.

In my early days of pinning, I stumbled across a peacock feather accessory or two that completely won me over. My inspiration came from this pearockin piece.


I didn’t have much of a plan for the boutonnieres from the start. I knew what I wanted them to turn out like – how I got there was a bit of a mystery that caused a lot of headache, some frustration and even more thought.

First step was to get the supplies. I purchased a spray of peacock feathers from Pier 1. 5 on a stem for under $5 a stem; basically about a dollar a feather. From there I headed to my go-to spot: JoAnn’s.


  • Peacock feathers
  • Natural game feathers (had on-hand)
  • Feathers of choice
  • Silk leaves
  • Gold spray paint
  • Hot glue gun + glue
  • Floral tape
  • Black ribbon
  • Pins

Putting these babies together was a frustration I wouldn’t want to encounter again. The best advice to give is have patience and let it be. The more natural the better, right?

I chose to cut down the peacock feathers to have rounded tops. You can leave them long if you’d like.

To get rid of the spray paint odor, I threw the leaves in the dryer on AIR ONLY with a dryer sheet.

My leaves came as a bunch/branch of silk leaves. So I pulled them off individually. I then spray painted them gold and to illuminate the spray paint smell, I threw them in the dryer on air only with a dryer sheet.

So, you have the individual pieces in front of you.. start with the peacock feather and add feathers around it to taste. Once arranged, I very carefully reinforced the gathering with hot glue. Small amounts to hold the feathers in place enough before you use floral tape to wrap the end.

Once the feathers are in place, I added the leaf – gluing it in place. Then, wrap ends with floral tape. Use floral tape to add length onto stem for pin. It’s easy to add width and length with the floral tape. Just keep wrapping!

How to make peacock boutonnieres

[1] A final product of the feather bunch is in photo 1. As I mentioned, I added width and length to the stem/base to allow for a solid good-sized place to secure the pin.

[2] Cut ribbon to cover bottom of stem. Glue on.

[3] Wrap stem with black ribbon, securing with hot glue. Tip: do not cut ribbon until you have wrapped the stem and secured back with hot glue. Cut close to glue seam.

[4] Apply hot glue to base of pin

[5] Secure pin along seam of ribbon.

[6] Wa-la! Finished product.

I’ll admit, I did not love these pieces from the get go. I was very frustrated with the arranging of feathers and the stickiness of floral tape got the best of me. My assistant kept asking if I liked them, and I said I need time to step away from them.

Well, after completing the bad boys and giving them a week alone, I revisited to tag them with individual groomsmen, ushers, family members and fell head-over-heel for them.

Words of wisdom:

Allow plenty of time for these gems.
Do not wait until the week of to make; they are frustrating and can cause tears.

Don’t be picky or have a plan.
Go with the flow and let the feathers be your guide.

Try, try again.
Practice makes perfect. Each piece is one of a kind and you will end up having slightly varying boutonnieres. Think of it as character.

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