Creating a Reception Playlist

Using Facebook to request songs from guests.

We went with a DJ for our wedding. Neither of us have a close tie with music; we appreciate it, have our favorite artists and a few songs that are ‘ours’. However, when it came to choosing music for the reception, it was not on the top half of our list. We went with a company who knew our venue and who gave us the best deal.

From previous weddings, we knew that song choice was an important element to the party. If you want people up and dancing, which we do, you have to choose your songs wisely.

Our audience is a broad spectrum of generations. The genres range from polka, country, rap  and old time rock and roll. How do you narrow down a handful of choices? Did you know, that on average, 30 – 50 songs are played at a reception? Say, whaaat? Well, we had to be selective. We want people to dance. We want people on the dance floor, constantly.

So, I turned to our guests. Thanks to social media, I was able to ask our guests in one fell swoop for song recommendations. I didn’t get the exact response I wanted; however, it gave me a feel for songs that people would dance to. It also put names to those songs that you know you like but cannot think of the name or artist. Yeah, we’re music rookies.

Alas, we have selected a diverse list of music. We are expecting everyone out on the dance floor! DJ, play that song. I’ll see you on the dance floor!


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