Invitation Assembly Party!

Long overdue, alas, invites! Which did go out for-ever ago. The fun was captured on camera by the wandering eye over your shoulder, my dad!

What’s not to love about a party? Even when it’s a working party, it’s still fun. Right? Well, besides the fact that I was too overly anxious and ready to get my invites out that I forgot a major step. Not to mention the catastrophe with the glue not gluing.

Hard to admit. However, yes, it was a fail. But we did not fail to try. The girls worked so hard on piecing everything together just right..

Our invites were designed by yours truly.. this gal right here. *I’m pointing at myself* From the paper choice to the language to the maps included. Me! Apparently, design expert. Tadaaah!

We went simplistic chic. Light paper, but yet durable. Two inserts, and no inside envelope. I’ll get a post up soon on the pieces. However, less was more. And, best thing about it – it only needed one stamp!

phase one.

Folding, aligning and rolling..

momma hard at work.


Yes, I said rolling. And roll we did.

Next day, phase two with my Lee crew. A little Rocky Rococo pizza for some girl time and energy. And home to a table of stages to get the puppies done!

Love my girls!

Taping, aligning, stuffing, stamping, labeling, sealing.

Perfect Alignment

Happy bride-to-be!

Stanford girl putting her brain power to good use.

Looka me! Looka me! Stamped perfectly.

My love. My ying.

Oh so perfect. Too perfect. Once all was said and done, behind closed doors in the dark of night, this bride-to-be very carefully reopened every single invite to ensure the glue was stuck and to complete the RSVP card. Yes, I am a perfectionist. It took an extra two days; however, with momma bear’s help we persisted and alas, you would have never of guessed, right?

If you noticed, you just knew better than to tell me. Thank you.

anxious and happy to rid the house of these troubles.

A final run-through and approval by the one and only, Mr. Z.

Still in love with my wrap labels!

And off they went. Hand delivered to the post office by my mother to be hand sorted, shipped and delivered.

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